Stunning  Support

Our professional 24/7 technical support is fully equipped to handle virtually all the major brand networks.


Innovative Protection

Zap! What if you could protect your property's internet from the most horrible brown outs or electrical storms?  Now you can with world's first dual gateway.  In just 2 minutes you have an emergency backup, if your gateway is ever damaged simply switch power and cables to the backup side and your internet is restored.  Protect your "guest experience", and profits with a backup solution ready to save the day!



Mobile Device Friendly

Our networks center around the connection needs of mobile and tablet devices which account for nearly half of our daily connections.


  • “We own an older hotel and because of its shape and construction I had come to the belief that certain areas like the corner rooms would never have good wireless Internet signal. I received many proposals for HSIA. After careful analysis, I realized Air2Data was the most knowledgeable. They knew what they were talking about. After the installation, not only was my internet exceptionally fast, but my weak spots were gone even in the corner rooms. I could not be happier and would recommend Air2Data to anyone.”

    Jag Kang, Owner/Certified CISCO Instructor, Comfort Inn Early TX

  • “I must let you know that everything with the new internet system that was just installed at the Sleep Inn & Suites, Kenner LA is working very well. Mark is a phenomenal gentleman who knows his job and does it very well. During this renovation I have worked with many individuals and had many experiences, let me say yours was a very pleasant one where your company did everything they said they would do and best of all there were no hidden or additional charges. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

    Mo Gilliane, Owner, Sleep Inn & Suites Kenner LA

  • “As many of you may know, almost all of the hotels and resorts here in Canada are concrete, and to provide a reliable wireless internet can be a major pain and pricy. Finding Air2Data made this easy and affordable. Since the completion of my new construction in October 2011 I have not seen or heard of any issues with signal or the Internet of any kind. I am a fan of the Air2Data wireless network, it amazing and does what is promised! I plan on using Air2Data in my next new construction already in progress, and would recommend Air2Data to everyone.”

    David Landzaat , Owner, Suburban Extended Stay MB, Canada

  • Dear Best Western International, This letter is to serve as an endorsement for the HSIA provider Air2Data. I hope that you will consider them as a national vendor for Best Western. We have used them as our HSIA provider for our guests at the Best Western Plus High Country Inn since 2004. They have consistently provided exceptional customer care for our guests and kept our wireless network running smoothly. Their equipment is of a high quality and my guests love the service. Please seriously consider Air2Data as a new national vendor.”

    Brandon Peterson , General Manager, Best Western Plus & High Country Inn

  • “For 10 years I have had Internet headaches and problems, but once I switched and started using Air2Data’s equipment everything has gone silent. For the first time my job is now easy. I highly recommend Air2Data’s equipment it is WELL WORTH IT.”

    Paul Kishan, Director of Operations, Comfort Inn Black Mountain, NC

  • "They understand the hospitality industry and our guests."

    David Hilliard, Director Of Operations, Davis Conference Center

  • “This was an important upgrade and we got several proposals from various vendors. After comparing costs, type of equipment, and asking many questions, Air2Data was the most knowledgeable and their equipment not only could get us the solution we were looking for our hotel but promised more. After looking into referrals, we chose the Air2Data Network. When Mark arrived to do the install we still were not convinced access points could be powerful enough as to cover all 3 levels of the hotel with only 3 access points. When the install was done we made Mark take us with our laptop into almost every room and they all passed. Everything Air2Data promised would happen DID, we would highly recommend them!”

    Debbie Choi, Owner / General Manager, Comfort Inn Lacey, WA

  • “Air2Data made my job easy again with the new wireless network!”

    Theresa , Secretary / Front Desk , Comfort Inn Portage, IN

  • Hello Ms. Page,   It is my pleasure to recommend Air2data as the best network service provider in the market.  Our properties completely rely on the smoothness of their internet service, as we offer guest's 24/7 access online.   We have been using their services at our Provo, Utah location for the past ten years and have never faced serious issues in the connectivity of their network.  Because of our excellent experience at Provo we decided to switch over to Air2data at both of our Streetsboro, OH properties.  We have received nothing short of superior customer service from their company at all three of our hotels.  Guest's that stay at our properties tend to compliment the speed and ease of use of the internet in numerous GSS surveys.  Air2data has proven to our establishment to be a quality reliable provider with professional services.   Therefore, I sincerely suggest that Marriott includes Air2data on the approved vendor list which can benefit the organization to a great extent.  I have CC’d few people at Air 2 Data this email as I thought they need to know as to how happy we are with their services.

    Mahinder S. Chhabra, Senior Vice President, CE Hospitality, LLC